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Tree Surgeon in Cardiff surveying a tree before cutting

One primary service that all arborists in Cardiff should be providing is a tree survey or
evaluation prior to performing tree surgery in Cardiff. It is performed by arborists in
Cardiff and other regions in the UK, both on private and public property. Tree surgeons in Cardiff are required by law to understand and grasp the biology of trees in their region, and understand the fundamental difference in the legislation that governs forestry and other vegetation-relevant laws.

Tree Surveyors in Cardiff

Arborists in Cardiff can learn more about the tree service they are providing, so they can relay it to individual clients such as homeowners or even public authorities in parks, leading to informed decisions with no harm done to trees and the surrounding vegetation as a result of the tree surgery. A tree survey can help reveal a multitude of things, including:

  • Which areas of the tree need trimming and pruning;
  • How to protect the tree from lightning and storms;
  • Tree removal and its safest procedures;
  • Stump removal and clearing;
  • A complete analysis of tree health

Prior to getting tree service in Cardiff, always request a tree survey. A tree surgeon in
Cardiff and the greater Britain region is required to follow the British Standard BS5837,
regulations that govern which trees are protected under the law and which are legal to be cut down and dealt with. The survey reveals other information like species, overall health, life expectancy, age, physical measurements such as heights and diameter.

Cardiff Tree Survey

Feel free to call in any arborists in Cardiff to get you an evaluation. In some
circumstances, however, this survey is mandatory as per the Wildlife and Countryside Act, to prevent the cutting down of protected trees. Our professional teams of tree surgeons in Cardiff are experts at understanding this legislation and will help you avoid a potential legal battle and hassle. Since tree service in Cardiff is a risky and expensive business, tree surveys can potentially predict the direction in which the tree surgery should go, because it aptly predicts certain hazards.

It is vital to know, before arborists in Cardiff perform tasks like tree felling and tress
stump removal, whether the tree may fall owing to fungal decay or damage. To prevent any negative consequences of what should otherwise be a beneficial undertaking, the first step should always be a tree survey. You can contact us at any time, if you think you require tree service in Cardiff, and we will never proceed without discussing the nuances of our initial tree survey.

Whether you need tree thinning, tree clearance, removing conifers, emergency tree felling, logwood or firewood, wood chipping, stump grinding or hedge cutting in Cardiff, it is important that you call tree services in Cardiff to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your garden. Owing to our intimate understanding of trees and vegetation, we help you reduce any chances of negative side-effects and damage, all undertaken after an adequate survey.