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Tree Surgeon on an elevated platform chainsawing branches from a tree

Cardiff Tree surgery, simply put, is a large feature in the cultivation and study of trees, shrubs and other plants. In the general premise of working with plants, namely arboriculture, horticulture and forestry, tree surgery is one key facet of practice within that premise. Arborists in Cardiff and beyond are often called tree surgeons because their profession, much like medical doctors and surgeons, requires an intimate understanding of the specific autonomy and unique traits of trees and other plants.

Tree Surgery Services in Cardiff

It is distinguishable from forestry in that forestry deals with larger wooded areas, while tree service in Cardiff as a general profession specifically caters to individual trees and plants in majorly residential and commercial areas. More specifically, a tree surgeon in Cardiff can be called a horticultural engineer of sorts, who is responsible for the maintenance and repair of trees. 

Tree service in Cardiff can be a dangerous undertaking due to the sheer height required when trimming high branches, and the powered machinery which must be used to do jobs like tress stump removal in Cardiff and hedge trimming in Cardiff. However, those who become a part of tree service in Cardiff often find it a fulfilling and rewarding occupation because of the checks and balances kept via schemes, both locally and internationally.

Arborists in Cardiff are, therefore, required to be certificated and all of our tree service specialists in Cardiff have public liability insurance. Our arboricultural experts who perform tree services in Cardiff display physical adequacy, extensive knowledge and expert skills to provide high quality tree surgery, and static or dynamic ropes, good communication and team work and time management. 

An intimate understanding of the possible consequences of jobs like tress removal gone wrong are all expected from our expert arborists in Cardiff. In difficult situations we lean on the experience from some of our national and international partners network. One of our more recent members to join this network of expertise is West Atlanta Tree company located in the United States. If you have any concerns related to tree surgery, rest assured we have the knowledge and experience necessary.

Cardiff Tree Surgeons

Tree surgeons in Cardiff provide their services to a multitude of customers with tasks ranging from observing with impartiality single fruit trees to overgrown hedges to dead trees and large gardens and grounds, along with having experience working in commercial environments as well as private spaces. 

At Tree Service Cardiff, we believe that all activities should be carried out with rigorous risk and consequence assessment. Only after this initial evaluation, and keeping in mind public safety legislation, a damage-specific statement is issued to communicate to the client the necessary work that needs to be done, how much time it will take and what it will cost.

Keeping in line with public liability insurance, our in-house trained arborists in Cardiff, especially those providing commercial tree service in Cardiff, are required as part of our company policy to abide by the rules laid down in BS 3998 (British Standard 3998: Recommendations for Tree Work). 

The general premise of work that our expert arborists in Cardiff deal with include private properties such as gardens, yards and plantations, while it can also go on to a commercial premise like construction sites, highways, business parks, hospitals, schools and colleges, housing associations, parks and gardens and plantations around canal projects. They may undertake a series of tasks, evaluations and large scale work in all of these sectors, expertly analysing and working in teams to get work done faster and clear up any debris left behind.